Yeah, that’s a vintage polaroid 🙂

You might be wonderin’ why I have this theme on my blog, Well, I’m a Lomography lover. I have a couple of Lomography or film cameras and this vintage polaroid on the photo is my boyfriend’s.

Lomography brings out the artist in me. It unleashes my creativity. Yeah, we live in a digital world but I love playing with the good old tricks of a film camera. You know once you click, you can never take that back. There’s this thrill of waiting for the film to be processed before you could actually see your photos. It’s pure fun and artsy – no edits on the photos. I can only play with the colors with the films I use. So far, I’ve used the regular negative films, redscale, slide films, and black & white. ( I promise to share some of my lomographs soon! 🙂 )

So there! that’s the reason why I chose this polaroid film. Like a polaroid, my blog entries would be spontaneous, and hopefully fun! It might not be perfect (like those edited pictures) but hey, I only aim to share my thoughts and entertain. 🙂


It’s the first BER month already! Oh how time flies…

Every month I’ll be posting something on my Christmas Wishlist. 😀

Relating to this blog entry, here’s my first on the list:


Fuji Instax Mini 7s



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