The Nurse

I am a registered nurse by profession. Currently practicing as a company nurse on a certain government agency.

I started blogging since high school, way back 2004, when Friendster was a fad, and it had a sub site for users – the blog. A few months after, I created a blog at Tabulas, then Blogspot, then Livejournal. I was a blog-hopper then!

My schedule during college days was quite hectic so I set aside blogging for the meantime. I had to focus on the nursing books, and extra-curricular stuff. I came back (in blogging) via Tumblr, where I posted my photos and lomographs. It was only a photo-blog and for all I knew, I forgot my words for blogging.

Why do people blog? We have a lot of blog categories nowadays. Mostly about Fashion, Food, and Travel, quite a few about Technology and Photography, and some, to rant about politics, and showbiz,etc.

During those times when I started one of my online journals, all I knew was that blogging was a means of stress-relief, a medium for expressing oneself without being judged for venting a lot.  My blog, then, was a public journal.

I wonder what happened why the revolutionized technology amp up the use of ‘blogging’, to impress people you do not like, to trash talk about other people, to spread gossip, to scam, to rant about something you’re not even familiar at – negativity at its finest! Hell yeaaaaaah!

I wanted to blog again, but with the sole purpose of what I initially knew what blogging is for. I created this ‘cuz I have a life beneath my white uniform. My boring job has nothing to do with the ideas sneaking out of my brain. I have a mind that is full of ideas to share.  Some of you might not like it, but hey this-is-my-blog-so-I-don’t-care! :))


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