Nurse’s Notes

“What have I accomplished? Where will I be few years from now?”

I have fathomed that at my age, I haven’t done enough for my career. No updates or training, no experience in the hospital setting (employment), no post grad schooling,   nadah. I feel so frustrated.   The batch president has been left behind. I was even of of the top students then. (Which makes me more frustrated.) Some of my batch mates are working overseas, some are employed in big hospitals in the country, a few become clinical instructors, and a good number pursued Medicine and are now doctors.

I have plans for my career. Plans that for now, would just stay as a dream. I thought that I’d just continue my field – Company/Industrial Nursing. I wanted to go to grad school for Master of Occupational Health degree, but my schedule makes it not feasible at the moment. Argh! Frustrations 101.

If only someone’s willing to sponsor my education. 🙂 and that I don’t have to think of studying and working at the same time…


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