A month ago, I received an email from a certain company informing me that they need a Web Content Writer. I won’t be mentioning the name of the company anymore (as they’ve already cleared on their website that their database was hacked, and that the email sent out was just a scam.)

The email indicated the scope of the job they were offering, the salary, which was apparently 13000-14000 starting pay, and the qualifications needed.

(Yes, no currency was mentioned on the email which made it kinda weird. And the email seemed informal, as it would’ve been business type.)

Good thing I had no time to send an email to apply for the said position. They asked for an article about ‘Information Security and Technology’. Here’s my sample article:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Myspace, Google +, Friendster, Plurk, Word Press, Blogspot – these are fad especially among teens nowadays. With the use of our data-capable mobile phones, pc tablets, netbooks, desktop computers, internet-capable televisions, everyone can have an access to the internet. How easy it is to connect anytime and anywhere we want to when Telecommunications Company even offer promos of unlimited bytes to access using our mobile phones and other portable gadgets. We connect on the internet via GPRS, EDGE, WIFI, broadband, DSL, 3G, and 4G. Companies have developed several operating systems to choose from: Apple, Android, Windows, Linux, and even Blackberry have developed their own. 

Globalization has developed over the years and has continued to improve the quality of life.

Everyone can access any piece of information over the net. Gone are the days when we send letters through snail mails. Choices of browsers, search engines, social networking sites, online journals, video blogs, micro sites and instant messengers are laid for everyone’s use.  Technology made human’s life easy and instant.

Every bits and bytes of information can be seen and shared on the internet. From articles, pictures, to videos and clips – everything has become accessible on the web. Everything is just a click on the web. With the easy upload and download of information, how can we assure information security? Information security is still at the gray area. Market has made available a lot of computer anti-virus and anti-spamming software however, hacking has been rampant ever since.

In the world of online writers and bloggers, plagiarism has also been considered theft in the form of copying web content without giving proper credit. Whether it is a document or media file posted on the different websites and social networking media, how can we assure that every information we give and get are safe?

 Technology is very convenient nowadays. The question is how secure are we in acquiring information and sharing our own files on the internet? Is it enough to install anti-virus, anti-spamming, and firewall software on our gadgets? Is it enough to put a copy write note or logo on every article or media file we post?

Everything instant comes with a risk. Information security will depend on us. It is a responsibility sub-labeled in technology. We, humans, have a complete control on technology. We must not let technology control us. Information security therefore can be defined or summarized in this simple statement – “Think before you click.” 


2 thoughts on “Almost

  1. This is an interesting article / post. My question is – has technology really made “human life easy and instant”? I agree there is increased expectation for instant gratification however debate that life is easier, in fact I think it is more complex and complicated. The other thought is about snail mail. I wonder what the stats are on the number of items posted by snail mail in recent years as opposed to say five or ten years ago. With many people shopping on-line I wonder if parcel post has increased or if letters have indeed decreased ……?
    Thanks for reminding me that “everything instant comes with a risk” (as I go to make an ‘instant’ cup of coffee)!! 🙂

    • Hi there! 🙂
      I think the mere fact that you’ve made yourself an ‘instant’ cup of coffee answered your question already.
      I personally thank technology. It has made life easy and convenient. Having this blog, being able to share my thoughts online and read by you guys is awesome. Technology made this instant ‘cuz we’re able to communicate thru this.
      Thanks for taking time to drop by and read my post. Have a nice day! 🙂

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