Nature Trip: Sagada

Last year, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a holiday trip –  more of an adventure. It was during my college days when I first heard of Sagada, Mountain Province. All I knew is that this is where the Banaue Rice Terraces (one of the 8 (previous) Wonders of the World) was found. And I thought  the strawberry farms were located there.

Tourist Attractions – Banaue Rice Terraces, Hanging Coffins, Caves, Falls, Historical buildings, Marlboro top, where you could have an amazing view of the sunrise

Mountain Province

The Banaue Rice Terraces

We’ve seen a lot of people from different parts of the world during our trip. I know they’d love it there because of the nice weather, ranging from 7 to 13 degree Celsius (unlike where I live where it is frickin’ humid). The natives of the town are very hospitable. The fruits and vegetables are crispy and juicy fresh! People serve a variety of good dish as well. At night, it’s best to cap of the day with an ice cold beer.

Travelling Tips:

1. For the techies – Bring extra batteries for flashlights, mobile phones or wireless chargers for other gadgets. I’m sure you don’t wanna get bored during the 12-hr bus ride.

2. Bring a bunch of chips or nuts and lots of water during the travel. You need energy to walk up and down those hills so eat and hydrate yourself.

3. Bring lightweight clothes for your cave adventure. Lots of zip locks and a pair of disposable gloves are also needed. You don’t wanna touch bat shit with your bare hands.

4. The hostels only provide 1 towel for each person even if you stay there for 2-3 nights. If you’re not used to not changing towels everyday, bring one.

5. Never forget to bring a camera. You don’t wanna miss capturing the majestic views you are to see. Treasure the trip.

6. It is best to travel in groups. Tour guide’s fee is 500-800 per destination. You might not want to spend that much on that alone.

7. Be early in going to the bus terminals so that you may not be left by the last trip. Daily trips are on a first come,first serve basis. Be in the Baguio-Sagada Terminal by 4am to catch the first trip. That’s the ideal trip because it is so risky to pass by the cliff when it’s already dark.

 When you come and visit my country, don’t forget to include in your itinerary this awesome place. I’m sure you would enjoy!


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