Coffee and Me

They say, the more boring your job is, the more likely you are to consume caffeine.

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I love coffee. I’m a barista of my own. I like handcrafting my own hot drink. The intoxicating aroma upon pouring it into my cup, the bitter sweet taste of the espresso, the delicate blunt taste of non-fat milk, the accurate amount of sugar I add into my cup, the soothing warmth it gives my body upon taking a sip – heaven! I take another sip, and again, until I can almost see the bottom of my cup. And before I know it, it has consumed me more than I have consumed it.

Coffee and mornings is an awesome tandem for me. Coffee perks me up. It takes away the stress brought about by the job and life I have. It keeps me sane and sober. Caffeine keeps me a li’l jumpy though. It leaves a heart racing feeling. Sometimes, it makes me insatiably thirsty and I’ll want for more.

Why are we so addicted to it? Well, why not!?

Writers and coffee are great together. In the world of medical professionals, it ignites our blood to keep going – undistracted and focused in saving lives. In the corporate world, coffee makes them calm and at peace with the paper works. For students, coffee shops equate to a hype library. Admit it, thereā€™s always a student occupying a table with a pile of papers, books, and a laptop or tablet.

No matter how expensive (for some) or how cheap your coffee is, it is undeniably one HOT drink not to turn down.

What’s your favorite drink?