Solitude and Happiness

If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself. And if you do not know yourself, you will begin to feel the void.

But the void does not exist. A vast world lies hidden in our soul, waiting to be discovered. There it is, with all its strength intact, but it is so new and so powerful that we are afraid to acknowledge its existence.

It is almost 6 months since the breakup. I have moved on but I still am not used to the new routine.

When you are in a relationship, believe it or not, you develop a certain habit that sometimes turn into addiction. And when the time comes that you need to break it off your system, you experience ‘withdrawal syndrome’.

In the medical sense, Withdrawal Syndrome is manifested when there is an abrupt cessation of an addiction (substance addiction). You may feel depressed, irritable, and  isolated.

I was emotionally devastated. I felt depressed. Two months after the breakup, I stopped the ‘crying-stage’ but up to now, I am still not used being alone again.

Paulo Coelho’s book, The Manuscript Found in Accra struck me. It made me realize the void I am feeling is just on my mind. I have to choose to be happy.

It’s a good thing that I am enjoying my new job. It gives me something to look forward to everyday. But then again, I need to make myself open to the world and enjoy the moment. I think it’s about time…


Happy Anniversary!

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog. I opted for hiatus to focus on my career.

Yes guys, this is good news! In one of my previous notes, I’ve shared my frustrations about my career. Well, I used those frustrations to make a move and act on my dreams. I am taking my steps now.

I left my career as a company nurse and pursued my passion in writing. I landed on a copywriting job and the good thing is, I never left my profession. Cool, right? I was given the chance to be a Nursing Copywriter and develop Nursing manuals for Continuous Professional Development. I feel so blessed!

This is indeed a comeback anniversary post!

I hope you will find opportunities like this to pursue your dreams as well!

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Have a Little Faith

I keep on telling myself to have faith in my career path. I have a lot of plans for my future. (Yeah, I have this feeling of 24-year-old-nurse-who-isn’t-successful.) I feel bad now. I really do. My only consolation is that at least, I am practicing my  profession.

In our country, where there is a big percentage of Registered Nurses added to the population every year, it’s really frustrating to know that the demands are less likely to give even half of those people the right job. Yes we have A LOT of nurses here and we only need a few. This results to migration to different countries like The US, UK, Middle East, Australia to work. Some would sacrifice not being with their families just to get a good paying job. (Yep, third world problems.)

I, on the other hand, didn’t choose to apply for a work abroad. I chose to stay here and accepted a job as a nurse for a government unit. I am just not sure if I’d love it here. I want to love my job. I am seeing myself getting old in this one. It is a little frustrating though, ‘cuz I wanted more than this. I wanna have a Masters degree. I wanna have a part-time job, like being a clinical instructor in a university here. So much for a goal, but I have faith that I will be able to fulfill my dreams.


The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.  -Gustave Flaubert

The Joy and Perils of Being a Nurse

It took me four years in college (for the BS Nursing degree) and a board exam to be a licensed nurse. The training doesn’t end there,though. I had to spend more bucks and time for training and additional licenses (Intravenous Therapy License, First Aid, Basic Adult Life Support,  and Advanced Cardiac Life Support) to get a job related to my profession. Sucks huh?

I remember when I was in highschool when we took an exam to determine which course to pursue in college. I excelled in Science then. My first choice wasn’t Nursing but Psychology. During my first two years, my grades in Science subjects weren’t good. Isn’t it ironic?! It was when I started the internship in hospitals when I learned to like my course.  I enjoyed staying at the hospitals, taking care of strangers. I was eager to do more nursing interventions as I learn some every time I encounter a new case (illness). I was a sucker of ‘care’. I did our group case studies myself, presented each case with enthusiasm and everyone in the group gets the credit – I didn’t mind. I was that dedicated to learn.

I had a month to review for the board exam and luckily I passed. Learning didn’t stop there. I had my first job at a big company as a clinic nurse (assigned to their client’s corporate clinics). That was when I felt that my learning stopped. I wasn’t able to practice what I have learned during my hospital internship. I was merely dispensing medicines requested by employees coming in and out of the clinic – people who refused to be given health teachings, people who thought they ‘knew’ better in treating themselves. I felt that I was useless. But I tried to love my job. I did love taking care of my patients esp those needing daily blood pressure monitoring, nebulization, wound dressing, first aid treatments. Months passed by and more cases that needed further management occurred in those offices (uncontrolled hypertension, pregnancy related bleeding, chest pains, frequent anxiety/panic attacks) and that the clinic supplies and facilities weren’t enough since we were just a primary/basic/immediate care unit. I had to refer patients to hospitals. I had lapses. Those were the times when I felt so incompetent or let’s just say that a nurse with only two hands cannot accommodate patients presenting ’emergency case’ symptoms all at the same time. I knew I had to do triage or prioritization. But people there were so hard to deal with. They demanded to be attended immediately even if they were only asking for a band aid (seriously). There was this incident that I fell short. I did my best to save 3 lives. I was alone and had more than 10 patients in the clinic, 3 of them were needing emergency treatment at a hospital. I will never forget that. It brought out the soft side of me that shouldn’t be shown when at work. I felt like an idiot that time. The ambulance didn’t respond to my call immediately and came in so late. I even tried to be an advocate to those employees. It took all the guts in me to write a letter, as a nurse, to request for a more solid emergency response team for their company (my company’s client). Turned out, I was the one who seemed ‘bad’. They covered their asses with my face. That time, I hated being a nurse. I hated my job. I hated feeling for those employees who badly needed good health care system. I hated myself for stepping up for them. I felt bad, so bad that I had to request for a leave of absence, and eventually, left the company for good. I was a coward.

I’ve been doing a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy these past few weeks. I’ve realized that things like that really happen. You can never take out a challenge in any field you’re in. Well, it is a fact that in my profession, we deal with lives. And dealing with lives isn’t something to be just taken for granted. I know this is a gift. There may be a pressure or risk (a lot of it actually) of negligence or malpractice due to clouded decisions and misjudgment at times but, I’ve realized that it’s part of the job. So long as I continue what I aim to do, more than the professional oath I took, I’m gonna be in good path. I may not get to practice what I  learned doing in the hospital setting, but I chose this career path and I’m going to continue this. I plan to enroll on grad school for Master in Occupational Health. I know no good paying job is easy. I must take pride that in my small ways, I get to save lives. I’m proud to be in the medical field. Amidst all these, I’m proud to be a Registered Nurse.


A month ago, I received an email from a certain company informing me that they need a Web Content Writer. I won’t be mentioning the name of the company anymore (as they’ve already cleared on their website that their database was hacked, and that the email sent out was just a scam.)

The email indicated the scope of the job they were offering, the salary, which was apparently 13000-14000 starting pay, and the qualifications needed.

(Yes, no currency was mentioned on the email which made it kinda weird. And the email seemed informal, as it would’ve been business type.)

Good thing I had no time to send an email to apply for the said position. They asked for an article about ‘Information Security and Technology’. Here’s my sample article:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Myspace, Google +, Friendster, Plurk, Word Press, Blogspot – these are fad especially among teens nowadays. With the use of our data-capable mobile phones, pc tablets, netbooks, desktop computers, internet-capable televisions, everyone can have an access to the internet. How easy it is to connect anytime and anywhere we want to when Telecommunications Company even offer promos of unlimited bytes to access using our mobile phones and other portable gadgets. We connect on the internet via GPRS, EDGE, WIFI, broadband, DSL, 3G, and 4G. Companies have developed several operating systems to choose from: Apple, Android, Windows, Linux, and even Blackberry have developed their own. 

Globalization has developed over the years and has continued to improve the quality of life.

Everyone can access any piece of information over the net. Gone are the days when we send letters through snail mails. Choices of browsers, search engines, social networking sites, online journals, video blogs, micro sites and instant messengers are laid for everyone’s use.  Technology made human’s life easy and instant.

Every bits and bytes of information can be seen and shared on the internet. From articles, pictures, to videos and clips – everything has become accessible on the web. Everything is just a click on the web. With the easy upload and download of information, how can we assure information security? Information security is still at the gray area. Market has made available a lot of computer anti-virus and anti-spamming software however, hacking has been rampant ever since.

In the world of online writers and bloggers, plagiarism has also been considered theft in the form of copying web content without giving proper credit. Whether it is a document or media file posted on the different websites and social networking media, how can we assure that every information we give and get are safe?

 Technology is very convenient nowadays. The question is how secure are we in acquiring information and sharing our own files on the internet? Is it enough to install anti-virus, anti-spamming, and firewall software on our gadgets? Is it enough to put a copy write note or logo on every article or media file we post?

Everything instant comes with a risk. Information security will depend on us. It is a responsibility sub-labeled in technology. We, humans, have a complete control on technology. We must not let technology control us. Information security therefore can be defined or summarized in this simple statement – “Think before you click.” 

Nurse’s Notes

“What have I accomplished? Where will I be few years from now?”

I have fathomed that at my age, I haven’t done enough for my career. No updates or training, no experience in the hospital setting (employment), no post grad schooling,   nadah. I feel so frustrated.   The batch president has been left behind. I was even of of the top students then. (Which makes me more frustrated.) Some of my batch mates are working overseas, some are employed in big hospitals in the country, a few become clinical instructors, and a good number pursued Medicine and are now doctors.

I have plans for my career. Plans that for now, would just stay as a dream. I thought that I’d just continue my field – Company/Industrial Nursing. I wanted to go to grad school for Master of Occupational Health degree, but my schedule makes it not feasible at the moment. Argh! Frustrations 101.

If only someone’s willing to sponsor my education. 🙂 and that I don’t have to think of studying and working at the same time…